1969 Dodge Charger for Your Classic Car Collection

1969 Dodge Charger is successful vehicles which exist at 19’s era. The company produced large amounts of this car. In 1969, there were only some sport cars which were created. Sport car was something rare and it was made in limited edition. However, the emergence of dodge series had brought new evolution in the market. The public response was very enthusiastic. The design of this car is like a muscle car. The classic appearance cannot be compared with the design of the modern sport cars. The exterior design is somewhat seducing the people who see it. A sport car is a symbol of luxury. There is too much temptation in this car.

Since the creation of the dodge sport series, the next type had become a big hit. Until now, the products are still hunted by the collector of classic car from all around the world. The 1969 Dodge Charger RT is one of it. The wheelbase is about 117 in. The model of the chassis uses the Chrysler B. It was the platform which is very popular in 1960’s. The length of the chassis is 207.9 and the width is 77 in. This classic car is the basic model of modern sport car. The body is quite aerodynamic and it only has 2 seats, the driver and the passenger seat.

Are you looking for 1969 Dodge Charger for sale? Well, it seems like you have to prepare for the worst. There are many collectors out there who hunt this classic sport car. The price of the car is based on its condition. The condition of the exterior, the interior, and the engine determines the final price. If the appearance is still nice and the engine works normally, the price is about $24,000 to $110,000. It is really surprising, isn’t it? If you look for the cheap one, it is possible. However, the appearance and the engine are less than the previous type. The price ranges from $10,000 to $19,000.

The R/T type uses V8 series as its engine and all Chargers which are built in 1969 utilize the V8 engine as its standard engine. The transmission is 4-speed manual. The automatic technology is not available at 1960’s. The V8 engine is able to produce 475 horsepower and the maximum speed is 200 mph. It is very amazing, a classic sport car with tremendous power and speed. If you look for a classic car, it is better to choose the Dodge Charger 1969.

Ford Ranger 2019 to Assist All Kind of Activity

Ford Ranger 2019 is ready to assist all of your activities. It does not matter what you do, this multifunction car can endure every heavy job. The predecessor of this car is very popular because of its performance. As the next generation, the power and capability of this powerful car has been enhanced into the next level. Since the creation of this vehicle, the developer team of this car keeps creating new innovation and new technology. The purpose is to create to a better vehicle which may support all users or drivers in their daily life. The result is this wonderful car.

2019 is about to turn into 2019, but the Ford Ranger 2019 price is always stable. The quality of the product is the determining factor behind the price stability. The price of this great car ranges from $46,260 to $47,000. Well, the price of the car is quite relevant to the feature which is provided. Moreover, the performance of this ranger series is clearly proven by the previous series. As the newest generation, you cannot doubt its capability. The specification and the design of the car are just too great. You spend money on the right vehicle and you will not be disappointed.

The Ford Ranger 2019 for sale is still available in the market. Even though there are many new cars which appear as its rival, this car is still beyond every car especially all cars in the same type or class. The diff-locks may help you to control the situation. Then, talking about the safety, the airbag system will protect the driver and the passenger from unwanted accident. It can be said that there are two insurances for the user because there are airbag package as the standard protection and the head airbag comes as the supporting tools. What a safety vehicle.

The transmission system makes this car better than other car in the same class. The 6-speed transmission is the secret behind this. Moreover, it is available in automatic type. This big car has a diesel turbo engine with F/INJ series as the source of the power. This 3.2 liter engine is combined with turbo 5 cylinder. AS the result of this magnificent collaboration, the engine is able to produce 147 kW @ 3000rpm as the maximum power. As for the maximum torque is 470 Nm @ 1500rpm. The powerful diesel with the good additional specification creates a maximum performance of Ford Ranger 2019 mpg.

Acura NSX 2019 used for a Super Sporty Car

Acura NSX 2019 has ultra-power. By the extra energy, the car gets the top speed level.

Acura NSX 2019 will be offered in an all new type than before. The highlights of the iconic sporty car is dramatic stylish. The powertrain to drive is the V6 hybrid. It has an advance 4-wheel driving system. The Acura NSX show is a return back to the collection automotive as the Detroit automobile show in the two years before. There was unveiled Acura as a prototype for the next-generation super sport car. As the origin of NSX, the newest Acura NSX is a middle engine just in the two-seats.

Acura NSX 2019 release date is indefinitely by the automaker. Honda, the automaker, has shown its concept at the automobile show of Frankfurt, in the end of last year. However, it has been shown two last years before as a concept too. However, Honda has make confirmation the show is the last concept exhibit. The real car will coming soon as reality. The car lovers will see more productivity to a NSX ready version at a big show motor in the middle 2019 launching. The last road test of the NSX is in the Middle-Ohio Race circuit as an Indy car. The recent concept car previews of the NSX are a heavy technology in 4-wheel driving hybrid super sporty car.

The highlights of the car are following. The super car type is really a Coupe. It is reasonable to plant transmission in 7-speed automatically since it is a super sporty car with huge power to drive. The engine in the car is a hybrid system. The cylinders used are the V6. The next specifications are below. Fuel engine type is hybrid. It is unleaded premium. The drivetrain is all wheels. The base engine is 3.5 l cyl V6 and valves 24. For the super car, the Acura NSX 2019 price will be around $100,000 in the mid of 2019 launching. You will be so awesome to see the car.

The car has the three electrical motors plus the gas engine. The power train can be called as a complicated. It is really superabundance motors. The power is similar to the marvelous modern automotive science like the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1, but the Honda NSX 2019 is a hybrid. The electrical motor is in the all forward wheels, the last one is in the rear axis. It is as same as 4-wheel drive. The NSX can be respond to the speed light. The newest NSX has direct-inject of V6. It will be enhanced by twin turbo chargers, electrical motor, and dual-clutch transmittal. The gears will more than six. It sends power around. All system is advanced. The horse power is 550 powers. It will be an alternative than McLaren, Ferrari, Audi R8, or Porsche 911 in the world top speed level. You can’t imagine the Acura NSX 2019 top speed.

2019 Mini Cooper Countryman as the Largest of Tiny Car

2019 Mini Cooper Countryman is an discovering idea to make a wide mini car. The space is extensive.

2019 Mini Cooper Countryman is the largest model for the tiny. The all-wheel drive is just once offering. It is categorized as the smallest asset vehicles in the market that offers more interior inside space and flexibility. It is no like a mini anymore for rest time. It gets a recent grille. It is added by the sportier parts identifiable by additional flavin detailing. Like the all-wheel drive generally, the types get the standard under body defends. It may be added to the frontier-wheel drive. The next updates are the new 17 inches alloyed wheel and LED foggy lights. The accents are in the glossy black along and a handy-full of next body exterior coloring.

2019 mini cooper countryman s has many specs. They are as follow. The engine car is a premium un-leaded in I-4 and 1.6 liter. The EPA wagon class is the compact car. The specific style car name is cooper. The drivetrain is mounted only on the front wheel. It is mini car, but the passenger all capacity is in the 5 (five). All passenger entry doors are in 4 parts. The body style is sporty utility. The car transmission handling is in six-speed manually w/OD. Specific to the engine, there are many parts. They are a displacement in 1.6 liter/98. The engine code for order is NA. The SAE Torque net is in RPM 118/4250. The SAE Horsepower net is in RPM 121/6000.

2019 mini cooper countryman review is coming here. It is powered by the 1.6 l and 4-cyl engine matched by the 121 horse power. The models have turbocharged that generate respectively 181 until 208 horse power. The 6-speed is handling by manual transmission in the front wheel; the 6-speed auto-transmission is applicable too. All wheel driving is an option in the standard Countryman S. It sets back the EPA estimation 27city/34highway mpg in manually transmission. The models are equipped by an auto-transmission in 25/30 mpg. There is a tilt-telescopic handling steer wheel. The audio has 6-speakers system added by Bluetooth, USB port, and High Definition Radio. The Mini Countryman price is started at $22,750.

This mini has just been introduced at the all new Cooper Hardtop exhibition. However, there are many opportunity for enhancement till the mini is really launched. The experts and automobile reviewer predict the car will be shown in the 2019 New York Car Show, in the last year. It is a preparation for the year of 2019. The model is hoped as the last of Countryman, because they will be replaced by all new BMW as their platform. You can see the famous crossover that receives many stylish tweaks, updated entertainment system, and new security features. Many experts have predicted the 2019 mini cooper countryman release date.

2019 BMW M4 in Coupe and Convertible

2019 BMW M4 is available in the Coupe and Convertible types. The concept is a revolutionary car.

2019 BMW M4 is the newest concept from BMW. The car specs of BMW M4 are following. The engine is in 3.0 liter 6 cylinder with twin-turbo in six-speed manually transmission. It has a fuel economy about 17cty/26hwy mpg. The coupe is the car type. The basic warranty is in along the 4 years/50000Mil. As the modern new car, it has heated seating, Bluetooth, and navigation. The Bluetooth is for a system of connectivity. The engine car type is gasoline. The wholly total seats are 4 benches. The drivetrain is only on the rear wheel. This Series recently took place in the previous 3 types of coupe and the new one is the 2019 BMW higher performance M4. The price average is in $65.150.

2019 BMW M4 review is prepared now. The most special of the car is the new foremost. It is a potential twin-turbo charged engine. This will increase the strength and speed of a fun rider. Stylistically, the recent M4 gives the core sections as same. The characteristic is the 4 Series, but it has the dial turn up till 11. The car aerodynamically is effectively set of body shape. The place is in the nose and tail. It gives a track-breed look, and there is a carbon and fiber sun-roof option.

2019 BMW M4 convertible is going to be analyzed. The BMW M4 Convertible has a standard skinny upholstery, heated seat, and adjustable power front sporty seats. The navigation system has 20 GB hearing storage, The rain-sensing is windshield wipers. For shinny look straight, the adaptive headlights are Xenon. There is an exterior mirrors with heated and adjustable power. The garage to open the door is Homelink universally. The radio is High Definition with FM/AM/CD. Bluetooth system is for connectivity and audio full streaming. The USB port and AUX are ready. The 18 inches is the size of the alloy wheels. The notable parts are the head-light display, the forward collision reminder system. The full lamp in LED head lights is existed. The brakes are ceramic carbon.

The newest has the oldest code chassis as the first launching (F82). It is aspirated by the 4.0 liter and V-8 straight-six BMW. It is fixed by “Twin-Turbo” in all new cars. The engine is developed wholly. The engine of diesel and gas are badging applied. The Turbo can be single, double, or triple in dual-crool. Moreover, it can be a variable entrance geometric turbo. The car is fixed by a mate of Mitsubishi source of turbo chargers. The M4 capacity is in 3.0 liter. The code-name is S55. They can do a revolution up to 7600 rpm. The rpm is a remarkable accomplishment for a turbo charge mill. The fresh coming generation of the M car is in 2019 BMW M4 Coupe.

2019 Dodge Cuda in Lesser Weight

2019 Dodge Cuda follows the recent design. It is an automatic avant-grade Barracuda.

2019 Dodge Cuda is actually the nickname of the Dodge Barracuda. It is a new brand-reviewed in details. The auto car is reported as the substitution of the Dodge opposition. But, it is still limited to some observers’ automotive appraisal and not an official valid. You may need to wait for a while. It is really a brand new in smaller platforms. It wills certainly Lucifer 300 pounds than the previous. Moreover, it will be much faster to make a speed performance. As the constantly, it will have typical touch and tangible design. The action contributes to the current-day design scheme, but it is simply to keep you.

2019 Dodge Cuda concept is expected to be highly developed. In concept, the design is an answer to the needs and styles of contemporary fashion latest car. The design of the display is much more luxurious and sportier. The speed and ferocity are always well developed and appropriate public interest as the most. In fact, there are a lot of hard predictions that will replace Challenger Cuda. The Street Race Technology is built lesser than the previous. The weight has been reduced totally. This is definitely a huge influence on the fuel consumption and speed. The wheel is reduced until 6-inches and the width is 2-inches. The weight went down to 250 pounds. The grid is blended as functional modern look. Ventilation air will add comfort, if not at speed. The headlight and taillight are a pretty aggressive-light.

2019 Dodge Cuda specs are sophisticated. The features are as follow. As everybody can see, the car type is a sedan 2dr car body style. The engine is regular V-6 unleaded 3.6 liters. The EPA car class is a middle-size. The style name is 2 dr-cpe SXT. The drivetrain is planted in the rear wheel only. It is easier than all wheel driving. The passenger in capacity level is in 5 seats. It is large enough for a sedan from Europe. The passenger car doors are in 2 sets. The transmission is five-speed automatically (W5A580). The engine type is a gasoline.

The new Dodge Cuda will be launched in 2019, at a car show in Detroit and New York. The launch is only the models. The price tag of the Barracuda is around $55,000 until $60,000. This price is quite low for this class, because they see the price of the car as comparison with the type and quality offered. So, the car will be very able to compete to gain the sympathy of car lovers around the world. They will be expected as a ruthless in the car market. As the result, it is a good idea to leave money or start saving money from now for the coming of the car. The description is about the 2019 Dodge Cuda price.

2019 Ford Focus RS in Greatly Stylish

2019 Ford Focus RS is a Germany car for fun. The catching-eye car should be parked at your house garage.

2019 Ford Focus RS is one of the masterpieces from Ford. You can choose one the door type: 4 doors or 5 doors hatch-back. The cabin look takes a recent extreme styling and design. The car is compact design that has changed greatly by the “econoboxes” grim previous days. The Ford Focus is a good case study to review. The appearance is very appealing to the eye. Besides easy to drive, you will have fun drive. To be happier, the well-equipped car is available today. By the condition, the car is very expensive? No, it is an affordable car you can be parked at home.

2019 ford focus rs review is here. The car is anti-noisy in small car design and lovely much to see inside and outside. Moreover, the vehicles are fuel-efficient car. You must buy the car without waiting time, grab now! The Focus is a blast back the wheel and competes well and surprisingly by the European terrific hatches. It is a high-performance approval in the market. The outdoor has a upright-oriented ventilations and surface pleasant sculpting. It is large enough for happy travelling. The inline is on 4. The drive-train is just on the front wheel only, because it is not a sport car anymore.

2019 Ford Focus RS specs are analyzed in details. Every customer needs the analysis of the features and specs for a car. There is the Ford Focus RS Base. The car has engine in scale 2.0 liter and 4 cylinders. The engine is planted by a Turbo six-speed. The Turbo is in two choices: Manual w and EcoBoost. The engine car type is gasoline. The fuel economy is 23cty/32hwy mpg. The type of the car type is the 4 dr hatch-back. As the modern car, the transmission is on six-speed manual or EcoBoost. For leisure, there is heated seats system. The total seats are in 5, but don’t you mind about the space.

Every person buys goods like priority on price. For a very classy car, do not you make a problem about the price? A price has never been a problem for people who know about the quality of a car. As well as the previous-edition, the car price is at $59,990. Moreover, the consumer has given any rating in any occasion, they give a very value around 8 point. For good connection, the car has Bluetooth system. The Ford offers a big warranty that is 3 year/36000Mil. It is affordable for 2019 Ford Focus RS Price.

2019 Jeep Wrangler Preview: Marvelous in Variants

2019 jeep wrangler is available in more than five models and different colors. Let’s check out more what this friend’s got!
2019 jeep wrangler has stepped a little bit further compared to those SUVs from other brands. Your off-road driving experience will be even more interesting as a new standard of stereo has been prepared with eight speakers, along with the optional nine Alpine setups. A new standard of Torx tool kit has also been installed to allow you removing the roof and doors easily, along with additional formidable, reliable arsenal. Basically, 2019 Wrangle is powered by 3.6-L V6 engine, making the car able to run as fast as 285 horsepower. Available both as two- and four-door model, the car is completed with standard six-speed manual and optional five-speed automatic transmission. The EPA has rated 16-17 mpg in the city and 20-21 mpg on the highway. The four-wheel driving mode comes as a special finishing accent. You can grab these greatnesses by paying, around $23,237-$34,891.
We can say that, this item is leading in the term of variants. Let’s talk about one example, which is none other than 2019 jeep wrangler sport. The Sport serial is just one portrayal among 11 Wrangler models in total. The two-door Sport is a 3.6-L car with V6 engine and manual transmission, which is able to perform 17/21 city/highway mpg. It is priced around $22,595. Wrangler Sports also come out from the “Unlimited” title. The four-door, Unlimited Sport is a 3.6-L car with V6 engine and manual transmission, which is able to perform 16/21 city/highway mpg. The four-door, Unlimited Sport RHD is a 3.6-L car with V6 engine and automatic transmission, which is able to perform 16/20 city/highway mpg. Each of them is priced $22,695, $26,495, and $31,195 consecutively.
Not only being superior in machinery specification and competitive price, what makes us adore this car even more is the 2019 jeep wrangler colors, which are displayed in the widest range possible. The car will be available in clear coats of black, copper brown, tank, anvil, biller silver metallic, bright white, firecracker red, hydro blue pearl, and baja yellow for the exterior. For the interior, Jeep kept it classy with only two vivid colors available: all black and black/dark saddle.
Apart from the Sport category, the car is also extended its models to Willy’s Wheeler, Sahara, Rubicon and Rubicon Hard Rock. Each of them is engineered with the same premium configuration, affordable price and stylish appearance, and has been set as well for the families of 2019 jeep wrangler unlimited.

2019 Ford F150 Preview: Reliable and Fashionable

2019 ford f150 is reliable and fashionable. Not only being upgraded on the machine, the truck has gone through significant upgrade on its look.
2019 ford f150 delivers many things that we’ve been looking for on a pickup truck. It promises an ultimate quality of powerful engine (along with the fuel economy realization), plus, a much better looking appearance with lighter weight that will make you feel both comfortable and confident while driving it down the street. You might have known before that pickup trucks nowadays are anticipated to be excellent in these and those aspects. This led Ford to finally create the F150 to have such dramatic changes. So far, we can say that all improvements we can find in the vehicle are the best that we can remember among any other models.
The company has listed some price tags for this vehicle according to its various types. Especially for the 2019 F150, its base price is started at $40,260. You can spend some more from your budget, as much as $46,775 in total, when you are really desired to have the fully customized shape with other additional accessories options. Unfortunately, the 2019 ford f150 release date hasn’t been announced clearly by the company, but you can expect it on late this year.
Talking about 2019 ford f150 diesel, honestly, the most relatable topic is 2014 Ram 1500, which has been its closest competitor as well. Ram 1500 has been popular and known for its amazing functionality and attractive style. The pickup truck is equipped with an available diesel engine and eight-speed transmission, making it very great to ride with. If you are really a Ford lover, there are already many impressive and fresh things in the F150 to enjoy. The diesel engine has even been prepared to go beyond what Ram 1500 has introduced. The configuration, along with its new 2.7-L EcoBoost engine will increase the capability, competitiveness, and fuel economy characteristic.
There are four choices available: 3.5-L V6, 3.5-L twin-turbo with EcoBoost V6, 2.7-L twin-turbo with EcoBoost V6, and 5.0-L V8. Among them, one to highlight is the 2.7-L twin-turbo with EcoBoost V6 that will be able to perform 325 horsepower and 375 lb/feet of torque. Beside the machinery specification, a striking topic to discuss is the lighter weight of the vehicle. However, the 700-pound weight loss, which comes from the contribution of aluminum and high-strength steel, is not the only one that you should put your eyes on. Other issues that matter include the greater payload and towing capacity, plus, 2019 ford f150 mpg.

2019 Volkswagen Passat Wagon Is What Deserves to be your Favorite

2019 volkswagen passat wagon is one out of two diesel station wagons that was sold in the entire US. Now, check out why it deserves to be your favorite, too.
2019 volkswagen passat wagon, among the other choices under the same category, has made it to the top as the vehicle being one out of only two diesel station wagons that was sold in the entire United States. The fact may be very surprising, but that is the truth. Volkswagen Passat turned out being the favorite car with such model by people in the US. At this time, we are going to explore these and those aspects about the reason why it is being liked that much, and why you should put this one on the top of your consideration.
Each time you continue reading 2019 vw passat wagon reviews, you only figured out that his diesel station wagon is amazing for its overall performance. Have you understood completely why? It is none other because of the presence of the vehicle itself standing between the line of ordinary car and luxurious car. Implementing the concept of the family car, which has been loved for the ultimate convenience of each member getting into it, Volkswagen Passat is comfortable to ride as well. Being like the car from those luxury brands, which has been known financially out-of-reach, Volkswagen Passat is still able to pull out classy style and upgraded driving features at the most affordable price.
What makes us really interested in 2019 volkswagen passat tdi is the result the car can show, which is overwhelmed by the atmosphere of efficiency and powerfulness, thanks to the greatest configuration of engine we could’ve ever dreamt of. It is equipped with efficient four-cylinder, 1.8-L turbocharged engine. That already makes the vehicle as fast as 170 horsepower. With such specification for its machine, Volkswagen Passat is able to place himself on the list of appealing midsize sedan to drive with, especially with its TDI’s diesel that’s his strongest charisma. It is even more interesting to know that it can reach 34 mpg without being too thirsty on the roads.
Sooner, the Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen with four-cylinder, 2.0-L engine will come. The six-speed automatic transmission completes the packages to make the vehicle run as fast as 140 horsepower. The EPA has rated 29 mpg in the city and 39 mpg on the highway, making us even more hypnotized by the TDI engine. Yet, overall, Volkswagen Passat is an enchanting diesel station wagon with superior specification and design. It will be started at $26,675 for the 2019 vw passat wagon price.