Ford Ranger 2019 to Assist All Kind of Activity

Ford Ranger 2019

Ford Ranger 2019 is ready to assist all of your activities. It does not matter what you do, this multifunction car can endure every heavy job. The predecessor of this car is very popular because of its performance. As the next generation, the power and capability of this powerful car has been enhanced into the next level. Since the creation of this vehicle, the developer team of this car keeps creating new innovation and new technology. The purpose is to create to a better vehicle which may support all users or drivers in their daily life. The result is this wonderful car.

2019 is about to turn into 2019, but the Ford Ranger 2019 price is always stable. The quality of the product is the determining factor behind the price stability. The price of this great car ranges from $46,260 to $47,000. Well, the price of the car is quite relevant to the feature which is provided. Moreover, the performance of this ranger series is clearly proven by the previous series. As the newest generation, you cannot doubt its capability. The specification and the design of the car are just too great. You spend money on the right vehicle and you will not be disappointed.

The Ford Ranger 2019 for sale is still available in the market. Even though there are many new cars which appear as its rival, this car is still beyond every car especially all cars in the same type or class. The diff-locks may help you to control the situation. Then, talking about the safety, the airbag system will protect the driver and the passenger from unwanted accident. It can be said that there are two insurances for the user because there are airbag package as the standard protection and the head airbag comes as the supporting tools. What a safety vehicle.

The transmission system makes this car better than other car in the same class. The 6-speed transmission is the secret behind this. Moreover, it is available in automatic type. This big car has a diesel turbo engine with F/INJ series as the source of the power. This 3.2 liter engine is combined with turbo 5 cylinder. AS the result of this magnificent collaboration, the engine is able to produce 147 kW @ 3000rpm as the maximum power. As for the maximum torque is 470 Nm @ 1500rpm. The powerful diesel with the good additional specification creates a maximum performance of Ford Ranger 2019 mpg.

Ford Ranger 2019

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