2019 Acura ILX, Drive you with Elegant

2019 acura ILX is newest compact sedan from Japanese automaker, company of Honda. This car is categorized as luxury car. From the beginning until now, Acura had been launched with many types. ILX is current type that will release in year 2019. ILX model is compact sedan, so it appropriates for driving around the city. Do you still thinking about the car you that you want to buy? For your information, people love to buy Acura, especially Acura ILX because this sedan has simple model, and low price to buy but this is really luxury car. This car is suitable for young ages that always show off to other. They can buy this car, so people will notice his or her car.
Do you want to be gentle by ride a car? Acura will answer your wish. Acura is designed with elegant. The color of this car is light but soft. Besides, this car shows you its nimble while driving. This car is suitable for you who want to get features detail which is comfort and high technology. acura ilx 2019 is designed with feature set of luxury sedan, so you can drive and perform your own car in the road and catch people’s eye to look at your car.
Entry level of 2019 acura ilx review, you can get the best performance from this compact sedan. The engine has 150 hp, 2.0 liter, I-VTEC, and 4 cylinders. ILX has five speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive. You can get comfort in yourself car because the Acura has seats that special for sport car, so it uses leather-trimmed seats. Inside the car, there is automatic climate control system; there is heated front seats, humidity control and air filtration. If you want enjoy the driving with the music is on, Acura gives you the best audio system with seven speakers on it. There is also speed sensitive volume compensation (SVC). In addition, the headlights and fog lights in Acura 2019 cannot block you to drive in every condition that happens immediately. For example if you go somewhere in daylight but when you wanted to go home, the heavy rain comes, so the road becomes dark. With Acura Car, you can easier back to home, but still to be careful.
There are the changes in this luxury car that make it different with the year series before. Even the features still standard, the newest model for Acura ILX is hybrid-systemic car. Reasonable price for you who want to get this pretty car, the price start from $27,050 for acura 2019 ilx.

2019 Acura TL is a Sedan with Newest Technology

If you are looking for a new invention, you can find it in 2019 Acura TL. All kinds of technology are implanted in this car.

2019 Acura TL appears on the market as a sedan with the most up-to-date technology. The chassis, the body, and the color scheme are not far too different to other cars in the sedan class. This sedan emphasizes the feature for the driver and passenger. The exterior and interior design are the new technology which is very sophisticated and useful. The multi-link suspension is able to absorb the vibration which is caused by the road condition. It is supported by the stabilizer which will greatly reduce the vibration. This Acura is not only “stand out” in the city road, but it is also wonderful in any kinds of road. The children can sit inside the car without any disturbance.

The drive type of the Acura TL 2019 is front wheel. It still uses the basic standard for sedan type. Then, what is the incredible technology which attract the attention? The transmission makes this car so tempting. A sport car usually has 7-speed transmission as the standard. Let’s compare it with the Acura. This car is installed with 9-speed transmission and it is automatic. It is such an incredible progression. By looking at its transmission, the performance becomes a serious issue. The maximum power is 290 horsepower @ 6200 rpm. The torque power is about 267 ft-lbs @ 4500 rpm. What an amazing power. This performance is produced by the V6 SOHC engine. This is the fastest sedan which is available in the 2019 market.

2019 Acura TL price starts from $39,500. As a car with 9-speed transmission, the price which is given is very cheap. The engine performance is not the only thing that can dazzle you. The interior facility will make you want to this car as soon as possible. In the front seat, the driver and the passenger seats are installed with a new heating system. What makes it different? You may adjust the temperature, so it will be very comfortable. Then, all of the seats are made of high quality or premium leather.

The power steering uses the electric system. It can be assured that it is easy to be handled by everyone. If you always have a problem when you try to park a car, it will not happen anymore. There is a rear camera which can assist you. If you like traveling, there is compass and as the combination is a new navigation system. That is all the 2019 Acura TL review.

Acura NSX 2019 used for a Super Sporty Car

Acura NSX 2019 has ultra-power. By the extra energy, the car gets the top speed level.

Acura NSX 2019 will be offered in an all new type than before. The highlights of the iconic sporty car is dramatic stylish. The powertrain to drive is the V6 hybrid. It has an advance 4-wheel driving system. The Acura NSX show is a return back to the collection automotive as the Detroit automobile show in the two years before. There was unveiled Acura as a prototype for the next-generation super sport car. As the origin of NSX, the newest Acura NSX is a middle engine just in the two-seats.

Acura NSX 2019 release date is indefinitely by the automaker. Honda, the automaker, has shown its concept at the automobile show of Frankfurt, in the end of last year. However, it has been shown two last years before as a concept too. However, Honda has make confirmation the show is the last concept exhibit. The real car will coming soon as reality. The car lovers will see more productivity to a NSX ready version at a big show motor in the middle 2019 launching. The last road test of the NSX is in the Middle-Ohio Race circuit as an Indy car. The recent concept car previews of the NSX are a heavy technology in 4-wheel driving hybrid super sporty car.

The highlights of the car are following. The super car type is really a Coupe. It is reasonable to plant transmission in 7-speed automatically since it is a super sporty car with huge power to drive. The engine in the car is a hybrid system. The cylinders used are the V6. The next specifications are below. Fuel engine type is hybrid. It is unleaded premium. The drivetrain is all wheels. The base engine is 3.5 l cyl V6 and valves 24. For the super car, the Acura NSX 2019 price will be around $100,000 in the mid of 2019 launching. You will be so awesome to see the car.

The car has the three electrical motors plus the gas engine. The power train can be called as a complicated. It is really superabundance motors. The power is similar to the marvelous modern automotive science like the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1, but the Honda NSX 2019 is a hybrid. The electrical motor is in the all forward wheels, the last one is in the rear axis. It is as same as 4-wheel drive. The NSX can be respond to the speed light. The newest NSX has direct-inject of V6. It will be enhanced by twin turbo chargers, electrical motor, and dual-clutch transmittal. The gears will more than six. It sends power around. All system is advanced. The horse power is 550 powers. It will be an alternative than McLaren, Ferrari, Audi R8, or Porsche 911 in the world top speed level. You can’t imagine the Acura NSX 2019 top speed.