Volkswagen Golf 2019 as Affordable Small Car

Volkswagen Golf 2019

volkswagen golf 2019 is one of the small car of your choice that is very appropriate because it affordable and cool designs.

volkswagen golf 2019 is one of the Volkswagen productions that is interesting enough for you to have. This Germany car could indeed be one of the perfect choices for those who have a medium budget, but can obtain an exceptional car. This car is very beautiful design with four doors that can accommodate a maximum of five passengers and has a comfortable seating. With a design that is not too large and small, Volkswagen of this kind can be an alternative for those who do not like the sedan as well as a car that has a great shape. To drive this car is also quite easy and convenient course.

In volkswagen golf 2019 reviews, you will know some of the advantages of this Volkswagen car. From design, this car offers a wide selection of attractive colors such as blue, cream, and black. Varieties of color options make it easy to determine the appropriate car with your favorite colors. With front-wheel drive, you can drive a car is the maximum speed enough. If you are interested in getting this small car, you can prepare the money about $ 25.200 up to 27.500 US dollars per unit. This price is relatively affordable because the car is equipped with various advanced technologies. With this affordable price, you can have a dream car for your family.

If you are still not satisfied with the information above, then you can listen to volkswagen golf 2019 specs. Volkswagen car has two first choice Volkswagen 1.8-liter TSI engine with four-cylinder engine with power of 170 horsepower and a 2.0 liter TDI Turbo diesel with 150 horsepower power. For the 1.8 TSI four-cylinder is equipped with a five-speed manual transmission. As for the TDI turbo diesel has a 6-speed manual transmission. With these two options, you can choose which car is the most you interested. You can choose this car to suit your needs with your family.

For exterior Golf 2019, you can see the car is quite beautiful to you drive. The size of the car is not too big or small can facilitate you to go wherever you want. Design is also very elegant car with a different color appearance. For the interior, you can drive this car with comfortable because there are four special seat and equipped with various facilities like Bluetooth, music, audio, and more. You must be satisfied with volkswagen golf 2019 interior.

Volkswagen Golf 2019

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